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6. How are acupuncture and orgonomy used?

Performing acupuncture implies any procedure based on producing a stimulus on the points or the meridians as mandated by Chinese traditional medicine and its modern variants. 

In fact acupuncture consists of a theory of energy flow and how it changes, how this circulation can be disturbed and how the consequent energy imbalances can be corrected.  

Skill or stupidity, symptomatic criteria (using "prescribed" points and techniques to obtain an effect in certain illnesses) or etiological criteria (to normalize the energy) can all be used, and, as long as  both preceding prerequisites are fulfilled - choosing a Chinese point and stimulating it- such a ceremony will be called acupuncture.  

Varied effects can be exerted on the points through a diverse set of techniques and instruments:

bulletNeedles, the most well-known and disclosed method
bulletHeat (moxibustion, the oldest of the techniques)
bulletElectrical stimulation (on needles or directly)
bulletBleeding of the points
bulletPositioning of small "permanent" needles
bulletInjection of different substances into the points
bulletStimulation with orgonic energy
bulletPositioning of magnets, etc.

The aim is consistent: to regulate a function or to suitably distribute the body’s energy.  It is possible to act upon the afore mentioned prime meridian points, to try to adjust the energy flow that runs on that meridian and attain normalization of the functions that it controls, or, to work on a micro system, like the ear (auricular therapy), with similar goals. These microsystems are groups of points located in regions that can have an effect on the body, sites that can be viewed as true holograms. But, the existence of representative parts of a whole do not seem to be an exclusive finding of science, since Borges discovered them in another realm, in the Aleph, one point in   space that contains all the others.


Such a variety of technological techniques are not just for show.  It is proven that they trigger different physiological effects while simultaneously allowing  treatment of those patients who cannot tolerate certain techniques. In children, for example, it is acceptable to place small pellets and apply ultrasound or infrared over the points to obtain the same result as with traditional needles, but, without their disadvantages. 

However, needles are difficult to substitute in most cases. The two possible effects of using a point are stimulation or inhibition of the energy that circulates around a meridian. As the treatment is based on the periodic use of diverse points, this explains the frequency of the sessions, which, initially, is once or twice per week (according to need) and, later, become occasional until the treatment is discontinued.  Acupuncture deals with more than a thousand points distributed along the length and breadth of the body, but, in fact, a lesser number of them are touched on, which still proves sufficient.


Prescribed by tradition, a very clear system exists, not only for obtaining symptom specific results, but, also, restoring the balance of energy ("to raise it or lower it "and distribute it). Such an option depends on reaching a correct diagnosis from the beginning of the treatment onward, as well as, on the precise registry of the changes taking place

It is advisable to pay attention to these changes because, except in the case of pains, asthmatic contractions or crises, the reactions are not always immediate. Some are subtle, and others can only be evaluated when compared to the initial stages, since acupuncture acts naturally.  On the other hand, in our culture, we are not accustomed to perceiving our own energy, due to repression followed by " due obedience " (repression), so this perception appears at the time of treatment, and, only when another connection is made with our body and soul.  

Scientific research related to acupuncture has managed to establish some of the events triggered by the stimulation of acupuncture points. Not only has a clear increase been shown in the amount of information coming from nervous fibers near the point (disproportionate in comparison with the intensity of the stimulus), which then transforms into the stimulation or inhibition of different physiological functions, but, a series of neurotransmitters have also been identified whose concentration in the blood clearly increases as much as in some specific hubs of the central nervous system.

It is as if there was another brain in the skin (both are borne of the same embryonic layer: the ectoderm) whose function is to reinforce or rectify the work of the first whenever necessary, but, only as long as the access codes to those regions of the central nervous system are known. Those regions or doorways are exactly what the acupuncture points are. Not only is being specific key to obtaining certain effects (if it were unspecific, stimulating any point would do), but, it is also very important to know how to combine points.  

Moreover, a treatment strategy that combines different criteria can be employed. For example: if points in the back - to the flanks of the spine- or in the thorax and the abdomen are chosen, a metaméric effect will be sought conducive to stimulation of the bone marrow sector that jolts a specific organ. However, if the points of a meridian located between the elbow and the hand or the knee and the foot are preferred, the intent will be to modify the meridian’s functionality. Although the points of the last mentioned regions may seem strange (the diastoles), they have a more intense and sharper effect. They are like echoes that produce an important long- distance effect. Pricking needles into the affected area alone may be "pinch-therapy", but, can hardly be called acupuncture. 

It is good to know that in ancient China, doctors charged their patients fees while they managed to keep them healthy, but, stopped receiving payment when they became ill, on top of being obliged to cure them.  It is just that this lucid medical culture knew very well that medicine’s first duty is to avoid or prevent disease, so much so, that the title of teacher was only bestowed on those who were able to do so. Therefore, it is better and smarter to cure before becoming ill.  

If this suggestion seems to describe a weak mechanism for improving health (although in greater or smaller measure it has its space in any medical culture’s doctor-patient relationship), you can rest assured with acupuncture, since it is successfully practiced on animals and plants, which would appear to make it impervious to such disparagement.

If one tries to go to the core of Chinese medicine one discovers a system of such complexity that it sometimes seems insurmountable. Exactly for that reason, the use of modern technology and computers are a great contribution to this medicine. They not only validate it, but, help it devise the medicine of the future due to its capacity to analyze systems and consider a vast quantity of variables that standard medicine does not, adding the possibility of coordinating with compatible psycho disciplines in the search of more complete, effective and human therapies than the present ones.

This brief explanation of acupuncture – the central axis of energy medicine- ends with a brief commentary on the use of orgonic energy accumulators, baptized this way by the main researcher of this famous vital energy. It consists of an adaptation of Wilhelm Reich’s findings to acupuncture. Energy accumulators are used, constructed according to their basic indications, but, they have been especially designed so that they radiate energy, passing through the body or an acupuncture point, outlining a type of orgonic acupuncture, to give it a name.  

Fourteen years of working with them indicate their usefulness. In spite of their simple structure - it is difficult to admit that such an "elementary apparatus" that is not plugged into anything else, can produce such an important and detectable increase in   energy, difficult to obtain with any other method. Clinical evolution, the patients’ perception (vitality) and the measuring system lead to the same conclusion: after using them for a while, energy increases and is better distributed. 

I also work with the Dor-buster, an orgonomic device to extract negative energy (dor) from the blocked areas, in order to facilitate the free flow of energy. These two that I offer (orgon accumulators and dor-buster) have drastically increased the range of possibilities that energy medicine offers.

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