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5. The therapy plan

More than a treatment, I’d like to consider this proposal more of a therapeutic plan because its basic objective is to improve the dynamic and structure of the bio-system, rather than the single correction of symptoms. They can call it “general state”, but I believe that what it means is very evident. Earlier on, it was made clear that this vision does not underestimate or ignore the existence of the symptoms, but views its relevance and value differently from the norm. 

Although it is true that a global appraisal of the bio-system produces deep and stable results, one shouldn’t forsake the existence and care of  "diseases". It is necessary to have good ideas to treat the general (the system) as well as the particular (specific problems). In the last thirty or forty years a spectacular increase was noticed in the number of diseases capable of being treated successfully by means of acupuncture.  

Of course, in this type of medicine the signs (objective data) and the symptoms (subjective data) are not interpreted in the same way as in regular medicine. I don’t know if it is true that a button is a good enough sample, but, here, goes an important one: fever or hypothermia.  

It’s remarkable how little success nature has had against our medical culture in terms of the fever, a defensive mechanism in the context of inflammatory-infectious processes, for, while it " organizes our defenses" by virtue of the general effect that it has on the body, it transforms the body into a small bonfire able to incinerate innumerable microbodies on the attack. 

Nevertheless, this fundamental defensive resource is not highly regarded:  fearing it as if it were the culprit, it is violently suppressed giving the aggressor the upper hand in a battle that could be better fought if the fever acted naturally, fulfilling its defensive role. It is only an example, but it is caught up in the mad supposition that to cover a symptom is to "cure it". Thus, a consultation will be essential when symptoms of doubtful interpretation appear.

 Another inevitable commentary regards the time that the treatment demands. Like in any other medicine, the patient’s response is not predicted ahead of time, but, as a general rule, there is a certain correlation between the timing of a process and the time that a treatment demands.

On the other hand, if the idea of a global therapeutic approach is accepted, the timing of the treatment will have to be adapted to that objective. Rather, there are stages in this schedule, weighed clinically, by the testing system and by the patient’s own perception. The combination of these factors will eventually determine the discharge date.

In this medicine the perceptions of the patient are extremely important, so much so, that one of the objectives of the treatment is to expand them, helping experience the organicity of feeling,  the energy flow. The blocks begin to disappear, and, therefore, it is important to refer to them in order to orient the therapy correctly.

On the other hand, diseases are not cured from "the outside": the decision to heal occurs in a very deep place of the being, a site related to the nucleus of the person. The set of measures coordinated by clinical medicine could be more efficient in helping to create a favorable atmosphere for " making that decision". Medical treatment can be useful or effective, but, no matter how wonderful or overwhelming its results, it cannot be catalogued as curative (to cure means to take care of), just as a definitive state called "health" does not exist, since only a situation in which the luminous side dominates and develops a new personal life project can be achieved.  

While not insubstantial, it is exactly what is to be expected of a treatment that does not make any magical promises or transforms the patient into a mere lifeless body on which to operate.  A good treatment is something like an intelligent question posed to a hopeful body. That’s why both parties’ active and committed participation is required: In this case as well, balance is required for a good doctor-patient rapport.


Is it necessary to transform oneself into a fakir, monk or health missionary? 

Not at all. What’s more, I believe that opting for one of these alternatives creates a new neurotic condition difficult to surpass: the arrogance of sanctity. The crazy desire of absolute purity is not an ideal , but, a kind of alibi.

This is not to propose deprivation” or " Redemption by pain " or " the return to good habits " as a solution.  We’re putting forward certain adjustments or adaptations based on one’s own needs. Since everything changes and this change itself is subjected to new changes and to the rhythm of life, it is futile to place deprivations that nobody is going to fulfill in a steady manner.

The project is not meant to create plastic or stainless steel aseptic beings because, in addition to being cruel, it would be an ineffectual utopia: Everyone ends up doing exactly what they can, although they can do more than they believe. 


Upcoming is the subject of the four aspects that compose a plan with therapeutic objectives. It is a word with modest pretensions, since it means, "servile, that takes care of something or somebody". But, as revealing as infirm, that means without firmness (in-firmus) or healthy: "sane, in good judgment". So, being ill is to lose one’s firmness (and the joy of living). Here are the four pillars of the treatment:

1. Acupuncture and orgonomy

2. Collateral medications

3. Nutrition

4. Physical Activity


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