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4. Diagnostic Procedures

Before going on to describing the how and why of these procedures, it is convenient to wander through the kingdom of etymology: diagnosis means, “ that which allows to distinguish".  Distinguishing this process from that one, and   this person from the other. How is it done?   

You arrive, we introduce ourselves.  You sit down and talk to me.  It is as classic as it needs be. I do not believe that a doctor-patient relationship has ever existed without an urgent need to share worries that distress and produce a sensation of being imprisoned by a series of symptoms.  

At that moment our relationship begins, and I confess that for me, it is a particularly appealing moment: there is something to heading into an adventure, to knowing yourself the receiver of an essential part of a person’s secret, at the same time thankful of the trust and motivated by uncovering a key question: who is behind the symptoms?

After the conversation, comes the physical examination, in a place that has little in common with a doctor's office, and developed by someone who does not find it necessary to wear clothes of the medical liturgy: it is enough to be disguised as oneself. 

I check the blood pressure, the frequency of the pulse and, sometimes, I, also, investigate the possible existence of an obstruction in the respiratory passages with a simple test of forced breathing.  


There may be other things, because routine is ominous, but that’s about it.  Then, comes a “Chinese "section, a summary of rich traditional semantics: A pulse measurement to know some of his statistics (frequency, depth, force, tactile surface), a tongue and skin examination and, lastly, the first point gauge. It is just like asking the points how they are.  The apparatus simply registers the electrical position of the acupuncture point. For the first measurement, I choose 31 acupuncture points, 24 of them located on the prime meridians and 7 on the front line. 

What are the meridians?  

They are virtual passages (they cannot be seen at plain sight) through which energy circulates on the surface of the body. Something like the stress lines of crystals. The Course of this energy has two important characteristics: first it is connected to the energy that exists deep within (the organs), second, it concentrates or is tied in specific places along each meridian or energy channel: they are the famous Chinese or acupuncture points.

From these truly privileged and eloquent areas in the skin, the organic functions that correspond with each point can be influenced whenever one chooses them and one stimulates them correctly. But, also, they can be researched to find out the general energy setting and operation of the organs.  And that is exactly what is accomplished by measuring them. If there is an annex to this brochure, likely, it will be some diagram that represents the meridians that in Chinese receive the name of ching

On it, one will be able to see that they receive the name of an organ, or perhaps, that of a function (Triple Function, that is equivalent to the endocrine system). Following, are the names of the prime meridians, and between brackets, the number of points that they contain, as well as the zones where they begin and end next to the polarity that they represent (Yin or Yang)

Main meridians

 Meridian   Point  Regions  Polarity
 Lung                   11  Thorax-Hand  Yin
 Circulation                          9  Thorax-Hand  Yin
 Heart  9    Thorax-Hand  Yin
 Large Intestine  20  Hand-Head  Yang
 Triple Function  23  Hand-Head  Yang
 Small Intestine  19  Hand-Head  Yang
 Spleen-Pancreas  21  Foot-Thorax  Yin
 Liver  14  Foot-Thorax  Yin
 Kidney  27  Foot-Thorax  Yin
 Stomach  45  Head-Foot   Yang
 Gall bladder  44  Head-Foot   Yang
 Urinary tract  67  Head-Foot   Yang

These are the prime meridians (symmetrical and bilateral), in addition to two others that cross the body down the center: one on its front called Conception Vessel (24 points, Yin) and another one down the back, the Governing vessel (28 points and Yang polarity). 

But, these ching do not only have a relationship with the organ whose name they take: they represent complex connected biological functions linked to basic emotions, sensor abilities and different tissues. 

For example: the kidney meridian is also associated to fear, hearing, the bones and joints, the hair, to willpower and partly, to sexuality. And, so on, for each ching. 

They are not mere arbitrary symbolisms suitable to validate a certain ideology: they are the consequence of observing nature with talent and perseverance in order to discover correlations between diverse intra and extra organic functions. This explains the tendency of the Chinese to define to man as a being who lives between "heaven and Earth", and to understand his conflicts as a result of the relationship between the internal climate (the emotions) and the external climate (temperature, pressure and wind, but, also, economy, society, politics and basic affections). 


In order to begin surveying this small microcosm, I delve into important points in the system for an electrical translation of the energy, using a tester designed by Ryodoraku, the school of Japanese electronic acupuncture. 

The electrode that you hold in your hand receives a small and imperceptible amount of current from the device that must be distributed around the rest of the skin without interferences, for which reason it is necessary to take off all metals. Simultaneously I probe the intensity of the current that is able to pass through the point with the exploratory electrode, which conveys the degree of resistance to the passage of the electrical fluid that that zone presents.  This allows me to infer the energy of each explored point, data that was not exactly known before.  

It is interesting to know that Dr Nakatani, inventor of the Ryodoraku method, began his investigations in the field of neurophysiology without any intention of tying his studies with the theory or practice of acupuncture. But, when he managed to obtain an electrical resistance map of the skin, he become conscious that he had inadvertently reproduced the location of points and meridians described in the past by Chinese traditional medicine.

Other investigators, as many in the East as in the West, arrived at the same conclusions in the last forty years, demonstrating that the points as the meridians have electrical properties different from the rest of the skin: at this level the electrical resistance diminishes.

The electrical resistance of the skin has an average value of 1,000,000 ohms, but, at level of the acupuncture points that value descends to less than 50,000-100,000 ohms, while being a little higher in the virtual meridian pathways. It is certain therefore, that the data obtained can be used for diagnosis as much as for evaluating the results of a treatment.


For this first measurement, whose results are processed through a computer program called Diagnosis, the objective is to obtain a general estimate of the person’s energy, specially its mean and distribution, data which will serve to diagnose energy blocks and imbalances. To that end, an important point of each meridian and a representative point of the reichian ring are chosen (such as appear in the previous table). The entire procedure can be seen inOne measurement example”.  For detailed information about the explored points, consult Basic Statistics.

Upon completing the first session, an extensive questionnaire is given.  Each option offers a variety of signs, symptoms and personal selections that can be marked and underlined which will help the analysis of altered functions and structural peculiarities in a network of possible correlations.

It is not a standard questionnaire: it took years of work to fuse, in a practical and effective way, the extensive symptomology that Chinese traditional medicine describes.  

In the second session, points related to the organs and systems are probed following the line of the EAV, German electronic acupuncture developed by Dr Reinhold Voll.  For forty fruitful years, with electronic precision, Voll looked into the link between acupuncture points and the organs with the support of doctors, surgeons, dentists, pathologists, laboratory assistants and radiologists who joined this fascinating scientific adventure. The result is the certain possibility of digging into the intimacy of the organs from the acupuncture points that they represent on the outside, thanks to the use of the Dermatrón, a magnificent scientific equipment that German electronic engineering developed.

The measurement with the Dermatrón is more extensive and is open to whatever else crops up during the rest of the diagnosis, for which reason, it must be utilized after obtaining the results of the first session.

Then, it is time to build the puzzle with all the available information (to which tests or previous examinations are added if any) to reach the main goal of the diagnosis: to know a person’s energy functioning and condition of his organs, as well as, their basic tendencies in the field of pathology.

The third session is dedicated to broadly outlining the findings, but, also, to propose a treatment, if that’s what I consider necessary.

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