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3. What is this medicine’s purpose?

Two things: to obtain a correct diagnosis and an effective treatment. 

The diagnosis has two basic objectives:  energy research and the exploration of organs and functions.  In no way does it exclude the use of customary western internal medicine research methods: lab tests, rays, ultrasound, etc.  But, beyond the information that these data provide, one tries to understand the personality of the energy structure that lodges them.  And this is only possible when advances are made in understanding the living system, or so-called "patient”, by another living system better known as "the doctor". 

Chinese traditional medicine’s acupuncture has been chosen as an energy study guide.  In this sense, not only does the average amount of energy that a person has matter, but, also, the characteristics of its distribution.  Both data are determining as to the reason why certain symptoms and  diseases appear. 

We will see that energy research aims to gather the global characteristics of the person under scrutiny and, therefore, his functioning as a system.  The study of “ parts" (organs) is relevant in terms of the whole (system).


This is one of the reasons why the diagnostic process lasts two sessions, and it is only modified when some urgent circumstance (acute pain, etc) calls for immediate treatment.  But, whenever possible, it is better to do the complete diagnosis, since the large amount and quality of information opens up the possibility for a much deeper treatment than the mere persecution of symptoms. 

And here, we are forced to point out an ugly truth: almost all acupuncture practiced in our culture is of symptomatic characteristics.  Only the visible signs of disease are attacked confirming the original diagnosis (ulcer, asthma, arthritis, etc.) and using techniques and point combinations that the tradition of acupuncture has found effective throughout its thirty centuries of history. In no way is it incorrect to use them, but, it is wrong (and even bordering on dishonesty) to reduce acupuncture to this single aspect, cheating the patient and medicine out of the possibility of acceding to a systemic diagnosis and treatment.

Used this way, acupuncture does not pose an important contribution to standard medical culture.  It’s still done with the same mechanisms as modern medicine and the acupuncture points are used as if they were magical buttons that manage to lower the volume of pain and other annoyances. For the patients of these acupuncturists (whether they are or not doctors is another matter) the acupuncture needle is nothing more than a stainless steel aspirin. Thus, the only advantage is that these patients become less intoxicated than with the oral pellets (analgesic) and the bazucazos (anti-inflammatory). 

The biological organs and systems are also researched, but, only with an unconventional methodology: through the acupuncture points to which they are closely related.


Both approaches, the study of energy and organ and system yield, give a reasonably complete idea as to the structural and functional characteristics of the patient (the person with the patience necessary to wait for the study result). The joining of both approaches leads to the formulation of two types of diagnoses: one, of the state (energy), and another of the organs (predominantly altered structures and functions). 

From this blend, a focused therapeutic plan can be designed to improve the energy level and working of the organs.

In this medicine the natural process of most diseases goes in three successive steps: first, there is an energy imbalance. If it consolidates, it will give rise to a functional disorder, which, in the long run, will evolve into an either reversible or irreversible change in the anatomy. 

The reason for undertaking this study will now be understood: the prime objective of the treatment is to draw the patient closer to the best  possible condition within his own  developmental capacity. And this implies being able to alter the factor that tends to sicken him more and more.  Symptoms play a secondary role: they are valuable as clues, indicators, and signals. But, they do not make up the disease. One treats them directly when they are very limiting or annoying, but rarely does one wait for their disappearance if there’s a real improvement in the bio-system. 

On the other hand, when a treatment works, others follow up the symptoms that originated the complaint, which are worse than the previous ones. It is peculiar to see how   the prestigious homeopathy Hering Law is carried out almost to a tee:  diseases are cured from the present to the past, from above to below, and from the depth to the surface.

It is as if the "sickening cause" struggled "to come out", and retracted to level less damaging to the patient’s life and functioning, as if the person was peeling himself like an onion, but, without the tears. On the other hand, as this process is developing, (and the person dis-envelopes himself) past symptoms usually do not reappear with the same virulence and persistence.


All this will help us comprehend that it is difficult to establish strict schedules for the needs of each person, since time’s original meaning is “ the actor’s mask ".

Moreover, this is a treatment respectful of nature and its times, so, if the treatment is successful, it will be possible to expect positive responses and subsequently diminished relapses.  But, they don’t (or shouldn’t) discourage us when they appear, unless one is not seeking a medical treatment, but, magic of the worst kind. 


It will seem elementary, but, it is necessary to state: the objective of this treatment is to increase the vitality of a person (his luminous side) helping it cure itself (its dark side) and letting it emerge to wherever life is possible: happiness.  Energy self-regulation is a concept very close to that of reaching a level of freedom.

The aim of making energy flow with the fewest possible obstacles is a sensible ideal that Chinese medicine contributes to humankind and that should not be rejected.  It infers asking oneself the amount and quality of energy received or incorporated daily (from foods, the air and our affections, to the environment, etc.), how it’s transformed and distributed  (metabolism, neuro-endocrine axis, circulation) and, finally, how it’s expressed emitted, (movements, gestures, words, acts of love or hatred, depositions, creation or repetition, construction or destruction).

As far as the treatment goes, it is important to know that the key personality is the patient (without demagoguery), the second is the doctor, and also, there are many other players partly ignored. 

If one believes that one’s role consists of going to the doctor's office to passively expose one’s body, it is best to abstain from this venture altogether.  In a sense, this is an adventure to the interior of the being, to the intimacy of the functions, to the primary sensations and emotions. Someday it will be done simultaneously with an associated eye on psychotherapy, since the objective is to integrate organs, functions, emotions, and personal history.

But, the challenge for the patient remains: if one is able to breach the disease or to lessen it, then it will be necessary to find a beautiful and useful thing on which to place the gained energy.


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