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2. The strange relationship between health and disease

Further on, there will be a summary about how energy’s studied, once diagnostic methodology is explained, but, before that, it is necessary to talk briefly about the important subject heading this section.  And, it is not easy to do, because being brief and concise can lead to excessive simplification, which explains the existence of various rough drafts, which aspired to evolve into an eventual book. 

It is necessary to do away with absolute categories of health and disease. Simply put, there are human beings who are (we are) more or less healthy and ill.  It is clear that, generally, there is a predominance of one of these states, and that health and disease don’t exist as such.  In any case there is evidence of signs of good health, which could be considered an irony, since they would come to be symptoms of health.

There is one especially important one that saves on infinity of superfluous words: it is happiness.  A healthy body (a healthy person) is a happy person. Happiness is also relative to the circumstances. For example: it’s more likely one can be happy during peaceful times than during days of war, more probable if one is well-fed than hungry (a not at all subtle form of declaring war on great part of humanity), and easier if one lives under favorable climatic and social conditions (society is the closest and most influential climate for man), etc.

Therefore, there are better and worse conditions that can lead to living happily and, thereby, healthily, or not. So much so, that some of these conditions are absolutely indispensable: adequate nutrition, basic housing, loving environment since birth, etc.  And how is this fantastic utopia diagnosed?

The North American poet, Henry Thoreau, was not mistaken when he said: "measure your health by the affection whereupon you view the morning and the spring". Because a happy-healthy person is enthusiastic about life, and can move with grace and decidedly has an attractive appearance.

His body is harmonic and balanced in its proportions; his gaze, as well as, his movement, is lively. Let us say that he has a grace that seems innate. Right now, I am watching a baby who is three days old and displays all those characteristics: I do not believe that it is necessary to pass Julia through blood tests and echograms to reach this simple conclusion. 

It is blatantly evident.  It is true that the methodology of standard medicine is designed to discard disease rather than corroborate health (I believe that those colleagues who   have participated in some public health campaign to examine a supposedly healthy population, will agree with me: there is nothing more difficult than diagnosing  "health"), but, even so, it would be useful to use routine laboratory tests and complementary methods: no important variations would be found.  In acupuncture, it is maintained that a healthy person is one that has a high level of balanced energy.  But, don’t be fooled into thinking it is easy to find such specimens.    

There are, also, aspects of the "functioning" of a person that allows one to form an idea about their form For example: a healthy person has a natural need to be creatively expressive and socially useful.  And this is not a virtue: it is a necessity that arises from his inner balance. He has the same need to love as to be loved, of giving as of receiving.  He has a need to exercise his body and to read good books or to listen to good music (other chapters of a good "nutrition"). 

So that good health has much more to do with a lifestyle than with a cold assessment of a collection of organs.  One must emphasize the real fact that life is an event. It is not "a thing" aside from bile secretion, muscular nightmares, movements, and the relationship between other beings and one’s personal projects.   Life is the most complete and shining expression of energy. And based on our individual body, it is the result of all of that body’s internal and external relationships.  Life is the best answer to no question.  

Perhaps the most shining example of a speech that anybody has dared to give in public was the one by Buddha to the thousands of disciples who had congregated to listen to his word: the teacher limited himself to showing a flower, walking it to the top of his hands before the disconcerted glance of his followers.  


It is absurd, therefore, to suppose that one can appraise " the health level" of somebody who exposes his body so that somebody may give their opinion about their health.  The body is not "a machine", the body is us. It is true that one can and should evaluate the state of the organs and the energy quotient of a person, but they are mere signals, indications, and clues for detectives.  Symptoms are exclamations or whispers, warnings or petitions, and must be understood like the emergent portion of an iceberg over the water.

But, what lies beneath, in the depths of the body/soul?

Truthfully, it could be said without shame, that what one is stating is wishful thinking.  But, this is exactly what the challenge raised by the crisis of medicine and the diverse psychotherapies consists of: they have officially escindido man into infinite parts, and, it is elemental that we treat this from a point of view of integration.

This very fragmentation of scientific knowledge related to health constitutes the symptom of the real disease that is systematically reproduced in human beings.  Beside the possible excuses or "intermediate mechanisms” (functional disturbances, infections, degenerative processes, etc.) true disease consists of the dissociation of the being, its difficulty to live coherently integrated with its interior, and to express itself to the outside.


We can gather that this escindido-disease has deep individual and collective roots.  The Social status, economic predicament, cultural characteristics and institutional life of the environment that welcomes the newborn, are as important in explaining it as the love he receives and the inherited genetic material of its parents. 

His body will reflect the special correlated characteristics of what’s inherited (genes) and what’s acquired  (all the environmental influences). And, it is in that relationship – generally, rather unsatisfactory for the needs of the baby- where one will have to look for the fledgling of its character, that is, the peculiarities of its psycho-physical structure that will allow it to have a place in the world either by brute force or by means of smiles.  It is there where we will have to look for the true explanation of any  "deviations" with respect to health or healthiness.  


In the first years of life, habits, movements, skills and the pathological tendencies of a human being are created.  It is the time when the muscular, organic and emotional structures take form.  The damage caused will be related to the importance of the aggression or neglect and to the developmental stage during which the deficiency appeared.  Later on, these sketches will be developed or not, at a variable speed, depending on the inner situation (person) and the outside (environment).

It could be said, therefore, that in spite of the vast taxonomy used by hospitals and medical treatments, there is a single disease for each person.  We could attach different labels or diagnoses to that disease, but it is the singularity of each individual, which will determine their "way of becoming ill". All disorders have a rigid logic and they rapidly stray from mere confounding coincidence when analyzed from the personal/social history perspective, or what’s the same, from their character structure in a psychophysical sense. "One becomes ill of what one can and not of what one wants", said Dr Felix Chiovino, a brilliant professor of internal medicine.

On Earth as in heaven means that each man is a small universe with his stars and planets, with his winds and seas, his deserts and flowery prairies.  The very black holes of the cosmos that are this great living body’s death zones are within us: they are the blocked zones, the places where energy does not circulate. 

Our mountainside has infinite streams that joyfully transport that energy (so much so that the streams carry music), but, also, we have the dark side of the soul and body: there, energy is stagnant and winds up degenerating. 

And that’s precisely what disease fundamentally consists of:  energy is immobilized, sits still, becomes bored, stops dancing and singing.  It is known that stationary water rots: there, sadness and abandonment begins.  Each one of us gets the organs and functions associated to defined emotions and moments, but, afterwards, the story unravels by itself.

This is the circuit that needs to be interrupted if one wants to return to a simple joyful existence, if one desires the light to predominate widely over darkness and even use it to increase its brilliance.

Continue to Chapter 3: What is this medicine’s purpose?

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