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Navigator's log

1. Before weighing anchors

I believe that I owe an explanation.

Often, I thought about giving periodic seminars on the medicine that I practice, with the idea of illustrating the talk until I was able to get photographic film to make slides.  Also, I wrote more than one rough draft that I began with as much enthusiasm as this one.

The first project was only dropped because my first doctor's office did not allow room for more people than those with appointments, and, the second; because from the pages, I noticed that a book had written itself.  The result of my good intentions herein mentioned is, until now, doubtful: I now have the doctor's office that I wanted, but, I did not give any lectures, and the book keeps struggling to be finished.

So, I decided to write this, somewhat between a letter and a brochure, but with purpose of a Navigator's log.  Before continuing, I want to clarify that this idea is not a solitary one: many patients throughout the years have requested me to do it, since this diagnosis-therapeutic system is the result of combining different medical schools with my own research.

And, moreover, it is almost impossible to explain it in such a specific and limited scope as the doctor-patient relationship.  It is true that there is no time during a consultation, but, this is not an excuse, since there are two powerful reasons to do it: firstly, you have a right to be well-informed about the treatment you chose and the second is that this information impacts positively on the therapy outcome.   

What should we call  this medicine, that includes among its best-known sources many from acupuncture, internal medicine and homeopathy?

The most realistic name is that of Energy Medicine.  But, don’t think that this is an ambiguous confused term or that the laws of the market dictate it.   Energy is not simply a "good idea" that allows one to explain why one becomes ill of certain things and not of others,   " invoked" with a lost, ignorant glance to the horizon.  There exist various energies, but, vital energy or bio-energy, as it is preferably called, is what we refer to herein.  
This energy is far from being just an attractive theory, characteristic of living beings (everyone), and a physical force that can be studied, concentrated and utilized therapeutically, since, not only is it found in living beings, but, also, in the environment where our existence takes pace.   In the depths and the surface of the body, this energy has specific trajectories that one great medical tradition has studied with expertise and close observation: Chinese traditional medicine, whose most brilliant and famous product is acupuncture.

Under this conception, the human body is an integrated energy system, not only intimately tied with the other living systems (animals and plants), but, also, with the surrounding geography and weather.  And, acupuncture studies the future of these relationships so as to define a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment. But, before committing ourselves to those waters, it is best to observe some of the consequences that are derived from this "energy" vision of all living beings. 

Through time and space, the Chinese scientists’ pursuit was not a lonesome act.  Other traditions also postulated the existence of vital energy that the Chinese called qi, the Hindus, prana, and the Greeks pneuma.  Perhaps, our heroes of yellow complexion and slanted eyes made the most of the research because they were true naturalists, and, therefore, observed reality with astonished discoverers’ eyes. They did not have to deal with theological sicknesses on their backs, they did not follow a line of investigation to justify the existence of any God nor to demonstrate the infallibility of the emperor, so, they could go as far as talent got them.  And, they arrived so far that one could say that, without intending to, they have even designed the medicine of the future. 

Also, they have found an "unusual partner" in the West, which rose from another history and in an absolutely different context, but whose investigations and findings match remarkably well those by these anonymous and brilliant pioneers.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) discovered the same energy that he called orgonic, though he used other methods that managed to objectivize it and make it capable of being experimented and tested upon.

Several of his findings have been integrated to this system in a very practical way (this practicality is essential in medicine) as happens with the energy accumulators whose use I allude to in Acupuncture points.

Why is the scientific world unaware of Reich’s works or does it try to lessen his importance accusing him of madness, the greatest type of political diagnosis? Well, you probably know that through history there have been many “crazy people” who have been right, and that such comfortable labels have been overused in order to avoid research work that could corroborate many of the assertions by the best samples that this species has produced.

You might well imagine that this man’s conclusions and opinion must not be too innocuous or insignificant.  And that the multiple conclusions from his fantastic research go beyond discussing whether a simple metallic or plastic structure is capable of accumulating medically useful biological energy
The objective of this pictureless bulletin isn’t to examine those important "details", but, to whomever wishes to find out more, I suggest reading Reich first-hand in the Function of the Orgasm (Paidós) and in Character Analysis  (Paidós) and the Cancer’s Biopathy (New Vision). To the effects of this brief guide, made to help move with ease around the mini labyrinth of my office, suffice it to know that since Reich’s works, this famous energy no longer is one enteleloquy, nor a concept irresponsibly handled by false apostles of "Eastern thought". It is good to learn to distinguish between evangelists and populists, and you have every right to demand facts about some rashly made claims about "energy". 

Energy means power in action.  And, biological energy is the  "power in action" able to produce physiological emotions like wrath or sadness and events like muscular movement or glandular secretion.  The reality of a live being comes to being altogether (integrated) and it is not its fault that official science disintegrates it or studies it in innumerable disciplines: Biology, medicine, psychology, sociology, etc.


What do these facts have to do with explaining the foundation of this medicine and its vision of these vital phenomena?

In the first place, live bodies are solidly integrated: there isn’t one kingdom of biological phenomena and another one of psychic phenomena, there isn’t a “mental attic” or a "digestive sewer".  Whatever happens with emotions will also occur in the intestine, the bronchi or muscles, and vice versa.

The mind is, also, a biological function.  On the other hand, a body where its different organs organize assemblies to come to an agreement is inconceivable: one assumes that there exists a lubricated understanding between the joints and the brain, the endocrine glands and muscles, between the heart and the kidneys, etc. And, yet, a widespread superstition exists that the body is a sophisticated kind of mechanism whose parts coexist almost by chance, under one whole skin, the unquestionable border. 

Other driving ideas of this concept (birth):


Everything changes, is modified.


But, the changes are according to nature itself, so these modifications occur within the possibility of a being or an organ’s development: it is difficult for a liver to be transformed into an advertisement (although some ads do affect sensible livers). 


Life is a rhythmic phenomenon (the Chinese discovered this "modernity") whose functions oscillate within a certain range: heart rate, seasons, tides, menstruations, the preponderance of time on organ performance, etc.  


Cosmic, planetary or biological phenomena are the result of the oscillating and dialectic bond between two basic energies: Yin and Yang.  In order to say it in a poetic way (that is: beautiful, fluorescent, specific and stunning) Yin is the dark mountainside, and Yang, the sunny side.  This means that nothing is absolutely one thing because it is subject to the phenomenon of change.  It could be more Yin than Yang or vice versa, but never only one of either forces.  For example: nobody is absolutely healthy or absolutely ill.  In terms of modern physics, it could be said that Yin is matter and Yang, energy.  Acupuncture is a relativist interpretation of reality: nothing is absolute or definite.

The energy status of a living system such as a human’s   is based on its internal harmony and   its correlation with the sea of energy/matter in which it finds itself: the other human beings (society), the other living beings (animals and plants), as well as, matter and the physical-chemical events that give place to this experiment called life (nature). 

The whole Cosmos is a sea of energy and matter dances to its rhythm.  For that reason, the Chinese gave the highest importance to climatic change as the external cause of "sickness" and to emotional changes as the main internal factor.  We will see that psychosomatic medicine and ecology could easily appear in the index of Chinese traditional medicine, a science that already has taken close to three millennia to develop. 

So, the foundation of this system can be found in Chinese traditional medicine and in Reich’s proposals, as well as, in western science, which contributed with the knowledge of the structure and functioning of organs, and of the events that happen when they turn sick: Western internal medicine has also been a shining contribution to human knowledge.  And, One cannot overlook basic biological research, especially when its objective is knowledge and not gain, nor the theoretical and practical contributions supplied by homeopathy and the naturalist schools, quite in agreement with those of acupuncture. 

But, who’s right in this mare magnum of schools and thought? And, what’s more important, where does one who needs this medicine stand in this issue?


Common sense (whatever that is) dictates that there must be "some truth" to each one of these positions.  And, that if different practices have proven efficient in different moments or under various circumstances, it’s possible that they all share in some of the success and failure. 

On the other hand, it cannot be denied that medicine as science is traversing an important crisis in its already old existence (and it is as old as man!).  Unlike other disciplines, contemporary medicine has not been updated based on modern physics, the science that for 500 years has been governing scientific development in the West: from Copernicus and Galileo, physics has been the outpost of knowledge and has managed to rally behind it the rest of the disciplines, aided by its fruitful romance with mathematics. 

Until the end of the century, the notion of reality that can be inferred from physics has experienced important changes, especially, since the theory of relativity and quantum physics.           

Academic Biology and medicine have not acknowledged this impact.  Modern medicine continues to correspond with so-called classical or Newton physics and with Cartesian thought that is so akin to it.  And, that is the reason why it still considers the human being a creature escindida in body and soul, and, the body a mechanism whose organs are mysteriously assembled, but, loosely articulated, and much less, “animated” by the basic energy of life.  

It could be said that current medicine uses modern technology to explore the body’s interior, like ultrasound or magnetic resonance (practical applications of quantum physics’ progress), but, not even these positive incorporations have managed to modify official medicine’s rigid theoretical-practical armor.  Neither has The General Theory of Systems been viewed with approval, in spite of it being included in a great variety of sciences and human activities.

In fact, modern medicine is stuck both in a great theoretical crisis, due to its stubborn mechanization and its increasing dependency on corporations that make medications and equipment, as well as, in a practical one. 

And, proof of this is that you are reading this and looking for an "alternative".  But, be aware that you yourself are that alternative and not medicine.  In other words, you look for some things here, and, for others, elsewhere.  And, that’s the way it should be, because it will be one or several generations of alternative hunters that will call for the foundation of a more humane and efficient medicine. 

It seems fitting to make an effort to summarize and articulate the different complementary approaches.  Clearly, it’s not a matter of summing up all the schools and then dividing them up again to obtain "a true average", and, neither is it a case of standing in front of the problem with the typical dogmatism of an orthodox militant for whom phenomena can only be interpreted by the ideology that they sustain.  

Trying to value the best of each school doesn’t invalidate the need to have a solid basic theory that can operate as a buttress to construct a new medicine.  And, here, it is necessary to take a gamble in earnest: the ground rock should be based on an interpretation of how energy works in live beings.  This gigantic task is in its beginnings, in spite of the groundwork made by the tradition that precedes it. 


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