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 8. About nutrition and physical activity

The history of  medicine is generous when it comes to fleeting fashions and gualichos of varied lineage that swear by the demons of fear of disease. But, there are some that are worth the trouble, should one resist  the temptation to transform them, paradoxically, into another chapter of human pathology.

There are three basic activities in life, such as Moving, Eating and Breathing. It is no coincidence that their anagram forms the word SEA (in Spanish), because, from the point of view of   life and its origins, life emerges from the sea. So much so, that we carry it inside us, since the water salinity composition of blood is almost identical to that of the ancient sea, and the great amphibian, and later, mammalian, adventure was not successful until they managed to maintain the set of original conditions in their bodies that led to the development, rise, and continuation of life. 

Thus, the idea of navigating is analogous to the treatment’s process: it is a journey into the body, an inquiry about our own energy and its relationship with matter. Lastly, it is a cast off point for life and the seas of the world. As with the rest of the treatment, it may be prudent to consider this last SEA from an energy metabolism point of view and be curious about its three critical stages: assimilation/nutrition, transformation /distribution and release/expression. 


The chapter on nutrition is much more vast than that on the consumed foods, since we humans feed on many other things besides liquids, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. We also feed on glances, messages, affections of varied kinds, music, news or information, scents and sensations. We are a worldly body/soul and have a very rich sensitivity that can only be thwarted by our institutions, "education" and a darned habit of suppressing all truly vital manifestations. 

A suitable transformation/distribution is what really nourishes us and reaches every last cell in our "body", in the very hidden corners of the "spirit"

And, lastly, the release/expression function refers to what allows us to show things. Sweat and tears, poetry and symphonies, fecal matter and urine, creation and destruction, gestures and movements, works and completed projects. And, perhaps, the perfect display of our capacity to express ourselves is found in a couple’s loving sexuality: emotion and humor, stares and smiles, skin and words, tenderness and surrender explode, during a fantastic trip, where reality flies next to dreams and is transformed into a small miracle able to create other lives. 

It is not possible to dissociate this fundamental bio-energy and a treatment that tries to produce important changes in the life of a navigator.


For that reason, one opts for a chemical detox program, that later deals with basic nutrition and movement information, called the Metereta Broom.  Reiterated consumption of toxins and a sedentary existence is not compatible with optimum health. 

The body cannot be transformed into a trash dump, and, at the same time, aspire for utopia” health". It is crucial to improve the biological atmosphere for this treatment (or any other) to be truly effective. It is extremely important to learn to eat so as to become well nourished.  Physical activity is fundamental for energy to be distributed evenly and expression to be clean and light.  

The importance of these subjects is such that, nowadays, there are healthy cultural changes taking place regarding the satisfaction of these basic requirements, but, on the other hand, a certain tendency to fanaticize and develop sects that worship health is noticed. Their rigidity is frankly another disease. The aim is greater freedom, which is not accomplished by either changing the number or quality of the chains.

It is impossible to live with the simplistic and anodyne objective of   "chemical detoxification", but, the neuro-gastronomical sects and the gymnasiums for the good-looking spread hastily and without pause. Sometimes, it is important to produce a drastic change, stop the maddening vertigo, turn inwards, and breathe and drink simplicity. This is the aim of the Metereta Broom, but, in no way is it meant to be a way of life. 


And what comes afterwards?

The same as in life: forward and backward moves, gains and losses, beginnings, endings and new beginnings. It is fruitless to try to stop the flow of life if all that remains is change. But, the phenomenal tendency is telling: it is not the same to live subdued by a collection of symptoms than to live without them, surviving is not equal to living, growth is not similar to involution.  

Each one of us is finding his lifestyle, and, therefore, is determining his habits, but, only to the extent that he can choose and see clearly.  One’s self-exploration in anyone of these aspects of life (for example:  nutrition, movement and breathing) will define a profile. And, in case I didn’t express myself clearly during our passage, I must make it plain at this moment: it is necessary for you not to feel confined in another prison when you are wishing to improve your quality of life. 

Keep and hold onto, not only that which does you good, but, also, whatever pleases you and gives you pleasure. Strict conduct does not last too long, since it only takes an instant of not feeling "watched" to abandon it. Plus, it is a role that bothers me: I was not born to be a policeman. Try to eat better, breathe deeper, and move freely.

And, feel absolute freedom doing it: try to find a personal balance between the moderate toxicity that does not prevent you from living life fully and the struggle to improve and "to heal". If you need help in experiencing that the SEA is not just a metaphor, there is an instrument for that: it is the Blue Program.

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